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What is "Consultas Ginefiv"?

Consultas Ginefiv is a free App for mobiles exclusively designed to help our patients have all their fertility treatment safely under control from their mobile devices (android or iOS) and offer them another way of being in touch with us safely.

Through a simple navigation menu and a notification and alert system, “Consultas Ginefiv” allows you to be informed about your next appointments at the clinic, which you will be able to see on the calendar, as well as the medication you have to take everyday during your treatment.

With the aim of being closer to you during all your treatment, we have designed a medical App that makes easier your communication with our Patient Support Team during all day, always safely and confidentially, with a double verification system according to the Data Protection Policy.

App tools

Through "Consultas Ginefiv" chat you will not only be able to be in touch with us but also to easily and quickly exchange documents and medical tests with the Patient Support Team, with no need to use your email or phone calls.

A simple and intuitive App that will be very helpful during this process and where you can also find direct links to fertility topics on our blog, as well as a patient’s forum where you will soon be able to share your doubts with other women or couples in the same situation.

A fertility treatment with advantages

  • Through the App "Consultas Ginefiv" our patients can:
  • Receive appointment notifications 24 hours in advance
  • View your treatment plan and your appointments on the calendar from the first day of your treatment
  • Easily be in touch with us during all day to solve your doubts (we will answer as soon as possible within the opening hours of the centre)
  • Receive message notifications
  • Send and receive documents safely
  • View articles of interest on our blog
  • Participate in the patient’s forum (coming soon)


How it works

If you would like to use the App "Consultas Ginefiv" you only need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Request our Patient Support Team to be registered in the App "Consultas Ginefiv"
  2. Once you have been registered, you will receive a code by email
  3. Download the App on your mobile phone and use this code to register, by intering it where the App will indicate
  4. Fill in the rest of the fields (choose your user name and password, write your email address) and start enjoying the App
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