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Egg Donation Program

What is an Egg Donation Program?

Our Egg Donation Program, which was created in 1991, is one of the pioneering programs in Spain and is aimed at those couples whose sterility problem may be solved by replacing the woman's eggs with the eggs from a young, healthy and fertile donor and also for couples at risk of transmitting genetic diseases to their children.

This technique is the most effective since the pregnancy rate for each embryo transfer is of 57%, being increased to 94% after having undergone 4 egg donation cycles. An increasing number of couples resort to this technique to achieve their purpose: have a child.

What is the essential difference in our donation-program compared to other clinics?

Unlike the majority of clinics which guarantee a certain number of oocytes, which can turn into embryos with good or bad prognosis or not, our egg-donation program guarantees the patient to receive at least two or more embryos with good prognosis and in case of not fulfilment, we offer a new treatment with a new donor without any cost at all for the patient.

In our clinic, donors are not shared. This means that the patient will receive all eggs retrieved from the donor, allowing to have a higher number of embryos and therefore higher chances of success (approximately 80% of couples have frozen embryos that can be used later on if the pregnancy is not achieved at the first attempt) 

The fact to guarantee embryos instead of oocytes and not sharing donors reflects our commitment to our patients.

What does our Egg Donation Program involve?

At Ginefiv, the egg donation program is very simple. In fact, the patient only has to come to our clinic twice at the most: the first time in order to create her medical history by studying all the information needed to start the treatment and the second time for the embryo transfer.

Is it possible to have the first appointment via videoconference and to come to Spain only once?

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Yes, it is possible to have the first appointment via videoconference. However, our advice is to come twice, regardless the treatment that the patient will be undergoing.

If possible, we generally recommend all patients to come to our clinic before starting the treatment so that our medical team can meet them and perform an embryo transfer test (for her) and a sperm survival test and sperm freezing (for him). If patients come twice to our clinic they will only need to stay 24-48 hours during the second visit and will avoid all possible problems during the embryo transfer. If they prefer to come only once, they will need to stay in Madrid during 5 or 6 days.

When do we recommend a first appointment via videoconference?

We recommend this option (coming to Spain just once) in the following situations:

  • Patients who need a double donation (sperm and eggs)
  • Patients from other continents or living very far from Spain
  • Patients undergoing a second egg donation cycle

However, before making a decision, we recommend you to contact our International Patient Support team to discuss your situation so that they can advise you what is best for your treatment.

Why choosing Ginefiv?

It is important to emphasize that even if the egg donation is the most effective and simple assisted reproduction technique, it is however the one that requires the highest level of coordination and synchronization of the assisted reproduction team. The experience of Ginefiv's medical team marks the difference.

Do you need more reasons? please click here to have more information about why you should choose Ginefiv

What do you need to know about egg donation?

  • Egg donation is absolutely legal in Spain, regardless the patient's nationality or origin.
  • Egg donation is anonymous. Under no circumstances will Ginefiv be able to reveal the donor's identity to the recipient couple and vice versa.
  • At Ginefiv, all donors have to pass exhaustive medical exams, including interviews and medical tests, in order to confirm their fertility and physical health and to check that neither they nor their relatives are carriers of a disease that could be inherited.
  • Thanks to the high number of egg donors at Ginefiv, our clinic is able to easily find an egg donor with physical features compatible with the recipients.
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