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  • Draft of the new Assisted Reproduction Act.
  • ROYAL DECREE 1720/2004, of 23 July, establishing the physiopathological typologies that permit the general limits established for oocyte fertilisation in assisted reproduction procedures to be exceeded.
  • ACT 45/2003, of 21 November, amending Act 35/1988, of 22 November, on Assisted Reproduction Techniques.
  • ACT 44/2003, of 21 November, which regulates the health care professions.
  • ROYAL DECREE 120/2003, of 31 January, which regulates the requirements of controlled experiments, with reproductive purposes, of fertilisation with previously frozen oocytes or ovarian tissue, related to the assisted human reproduction techniques. (Official State Gazette -BOE- 15-02-2003).
  • Organic Act 1/2002, of 22 March, regulating the Right of Association.
  • ACT 42/1988, of 28 December, on the donation and use of the cells, tissue and organs of human embryos and foetuses.
  • Chamber of Deputies. BILL - 121/000025. Which amends Act 11/1986, of 20 March, on Patents, for the incorporation to Spanish Law of Directive 98/4/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 6 July, on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions.
  • ROYAL DECREE 415/1997 of 21 March, establishing the creation of the National Commission for Assisted Human Reproduction (Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 70, of 22 March 1997).
  • ORDER de 25 de marzo de 1996, establishing the Functional Regulations of the National Register of Gamete and Pre-embryo Donors (Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 106, 2 May 1996, 15469-15470).
  • ROYAL DECREE 412/1996, of 1 March, establishing the Protocols for the Study of Donors of Gametes and Users of Assisted Reproduction Techniques (Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 72, of 23 March 1996, 11253- 11256).
  • ROYAL DECREE 413/1996, of 1 March, establishing the Requirements for the approval and recognition of centres and services involved in Assisted Reproduction Techniques. (Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 72, of 23 March 1996, 11256- 11260).
  • ACT 35/1988, of 22 November. Assisted Reproduction Act. (Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 282, 24 November 1988, 33373-33378).Correction of errors Official State Gazette -BOE- No. 284 of 26 November 1988).
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