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Patient Support and Care

We know that quality care is essential to the attainment of our patients' main objective: "having a baby". That is why Ginefiv has a team of multidisciplinary specialists who, in a coordinated manner, analyse, evaluate and suggest the best solutions for every one of our patients, at all times working under the direct supervision of three of the world's most prestigious human reproduction specialists, Dr Bajo and Dr Arenaza.


In addition, with the objective of easing the tension and fear a couple may feel when facing these treatments, Ginefiv has set up a Patient Support Team, in charge of dealing with and resolving any queries that may arise during the treatment and providing couples with advice and support based on its extensive experience in the field of reproduction. If required, this team will provide you with a psychologist who helps patients psychologically "prepare" themselves to face the treatments successfully.

Extensive internal and external quality control

We know that delivering the highest standard of care alone is not enough. Through experience we have learnt that, in addition, in order to obtain the best results, a strict quality control system is essential. That is why the work of our team is subjected to strict quality control procedures and is developed using state-of-the-art equipment, which has enabled us to offer our patients a high pregnancy rate ever since our foundation.

Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I)

Perpetuum mobile (Continuous action), is the basic principle of the philosophy at Ginefiv and, therefore, our team of specialists works on the basis of improving the pregnancy rates year by year, devoting time and resources to the research, development and implementation of the newest techniques available in the field of reproduction. As a result, we are able to offer our patients the very latest developments in assisted reproduction.

This principle is not only applied to the field of scientific research, but to the services offered by Ginefiv to its patients as well. Through the investment in facilities, processes and systems, Ginefiv is continuously seeking to reassert its commitment to its patients, making their stay at the clinic a positive experience.


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