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The Reproductive Process

Nowadays, infertility is a problem which affects approximately 20% of couples, but in the vast majority of cases a solution can be found with the help of Assisted Reproduction techniques.

To understand how reproductive medicine in general, and the Ginefiv Clinic in particular, can help couples who experience problems with reproduction, it is important, in the first place, to understand how pregnancy is achieved naturally in a healthy couple, who are of reproductive age and who have no reproductive problems.

It is frequently believed that infertility is a disorder suffered exclusively by women; in fact many people are surprised to learn that statistically the causes of infertility in couples are due in equal proportions to both male and female fertility problems. As a general rule it can be said that when a couple is experiencing problems conceiving, in approximately 32% of cases the cause lies with the woman, in 32% it is due to the man, in a further 32% of cases it is due to a combination of problems with both partners, while in approximately 4% of couples doctors are unable to discover the problem which explains the source of their fertility problem.

This false notion arises from the limited information available to the population at large about reproduction and the role of anatomical factors in this process. To address this, this section of our website aims to provide clear information on the subject.

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