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Assisted Reproduction for Single Women

Each day, there are more and more women embarking on motherhood on their own. Regardless the reasons that make a woman take such a brave decision –amongst which we could highlight the fact that each day women are more economically independent– single motherhood is accepted and normalized in Spain thanks to assisted reproduction techniques and Spanish current law.

Did you know that…?

According to current Spanish law on assisted reproduction “all women over 18 years old, of full mental capacity, can be a recipient or user of the assisted reproduction techniques covered by this act, as long as they have signed the consent form in a voluntary, conscious and expressly manner. The woman can be a recipient or user of the assisted reproduction techniques covered by this act regardless her marital status or sexual orientation.”

single women

At Ginefiv, we have been witnesses of this social phenomenon, treating single women and homosexual couples since 1988. Since then, we have had an increasing number of women who have chosen our clinic to achieve their dream of having a child. The number of patients requesting this type of treatment has been multiplied by 5 in the last 8 years, being nowadays 10% of our patients.

The treatments offered for single women are basically the same to the ones offered to any other patient; the main difference is that it is necessary to use sperm from our sperm bank (click here for further information). Additionally, for those cases in which it is not advisable to use the woman’s own eggs, it is also possible to use donor eggs (click here for further information) or even donated embryos (click here for further information).

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